Vendor profile: Hip To Be Sqaure

What do coasters and vinyl have in common? They are used in your living room…They are square!? Ok, maybe they don’t have that much in common except they will be for sale at 101 Markets!

photo (1)

This is Larry!

Dylan Rakowsky returns with crates and crates of records. He is a mad collector of everything under the sun, do dig in and grab some new tunes or some sampling inspiration! The vinyl doesn’t stop there as Discount Film School is also bringing some selection – there will be lots to get into!

listening to records

So, imagine this: you put on your new tunes, get yourself a frosty brew and place it on your new marble coaster courtesy of Carte Blanche creations. You can even request custom images like your favorite record label or other music themed images.


Carte Blanche can please anyone with her classy and functional table protectors. Come and check it all out!


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