Jewelry That Speaks To You

Heading up the roster of fresh goods in the shop are four incredible, independent jewelry designers.  Aesthetically, they are quite different from each other but all share a love for individual adornment.  From avant garde, to rock and roll, to bohemian charm – one of these pieces is bound to match your individual style.


Rebel & Fuss

Rebel & Fuss: The new collection of wax cast, solid brass jewelry from R&F is badass.  One of my personal faves is the V-Ring (pictured above) because it sits so nicely on the base of your finger but go for a smaller size and wear it higher up – it won’t fall off!



Woudenberg: Some truly original and inspiring pieces made from unconventional materials like concrete and copper piping.  This line is great for both guys and gals that don’t shy away from making a statement.


She Said Jewelry

She Said: Using natural materials like leather, feathers and crystals, She Said jewelry has a mystical, earthy appeal.  Each stone carries different properties so you can find the one that resonates with you the most.


Flora & Millicent

Flora & Millicent:  Vintage inspired jewelry, with a modern appeal.  F&M creates layers of fringe, small charms and chains as well as lovely floral crowns to brighten up your day.

We are only open until May 12th so don’t wait to come and check out these amazing vendors – or they might be gone.


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